Anonymous asked:

i was at the grammys after party and i was dancing with luke, he offered me a few drinks, we went to the bathroom and we did some things ;), then he invited me to his house and forced me to have sex with him and tonight we are fucking again LMAO you all fans wanting to get kissed by him and i get sex without even trying :-) xoxo

janoskianscrocs answered:

aw… you’re from Rochdale, Manchester, England. Your browser is Chrome 32.0, Operating System is Windows 8.1, using a HP Envy 15z with a 1366x768 resolution. “lmao” think twice before trying to ruin someone’s day.. nice try :) and btw you have a nice house do you want me to visit you if i ever go to uk? considering i have your address and url bye sis XOXO for you too!